We Grow Wine.


Callum & Sarah Linklater


Marlborough, New Zealand

We are second generation organic producers. Callum’s family have been farming organically since the late 90’s originally with sheep and beef in Otago and now viticulture in Marlborough. In 2014 we purchased a small property in Renwick and set about planting a Chardonnay vineyard. We decided to plant Chardonnay because it’s a personal favourite and not a variety we have on any of our family owned properties. This vineyard has become our obsession and it has given us a great amount of satisfaction to release our Empire Chardonnay.


Windrush Organic.

It’s where we live & what we do.


Windrush Vineyard


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Our family grows Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and a few rows of Syrah over 25 hectares of certified organic vineyard land. Located close to Renwick in Marlborough, Windrush is the name of the vineyard where Callum and Sarah live raising a young family. As ‘growers’ in the wine industry our family supply premium fruit to some of your favourite wineries. Our farming story starts when George Linklater (Callum’s Grandad) too young to go to World War II started a shearing gang in Otago. His entrepreneurial spirit and hard work acquired land and farming opportunities, still proudly in the family today. Our organic journey started when Bill (Callum’s Dad) started to question why chemicals were prescribed to fix problems on the farm that didn’t exist when he was younger. His conscious mind resulted in a serious investment into certified organic sheep & beef production. We have always been growers and are pleased to share with you a growers wine.


Planted, Grown & Made Organically


Gee Street, Renwick


Planted 2016

In 2016 we planted a very small vineyard (722 vines) at Gee Street, Renwick. The unique thing about this vineyard is that it has been developed organically rather than converted once established. We planted three Chardonnay clones, mainly 548 but a little 1066 & 121 which are quite rare in New Zealand. 2018 is our first vintage and the wine is certified as in conversion to organic. The block is now fully certified organic for the 2019 vintage.


Building an Empire.

Empire Chardonnay


Released December, 2018.

From possibly one of the smallest vineyards of Marlborough comes a simple, memorable wine. This land is where we will one day build our home. We are not winemaker driven. We used only neutral oak to let the young vine fruit shine. There are no synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or hidden ‘nasty’s’ in our soil management. We want you to know your grower and to be able to source wine from the gate. This is your organic wine. Where farming meets family.

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