NZ Herald, 27.04.19

Paired with slow-baked roasted red onion with honey & thyme by Annabel Langbein, we were thrilled to be featured in Yvonne’s pick, this weekend.

“Yes it’s shiny and new and has a light ruby hue but this wine is packed with cranberry, redcurrant, cherry and bright, banging spices. Lush, refreshing and showing rather lovely “chew”, this organically grown glass of goodness by Callum and Sarah Linklater wraps itself around the thyme and nutty notes of these awesome slow-baked alliums (that’s its genus, if you want to get sciency) darn nicely indeed.”

Yvonne Lorkin, published Saturday 27th April 2019.

New Zealand Herald.

Windrush Organic Pinot Noir NZ Herald 27 April 2019.jpg