Debut pour at Arbour

We are thrilled to let you know you can find Empire Chardonnay by the glass at one of our favourite restaurants Arbour. Callum was pretty lucky to taste the Empire food match. Pork belly, crayfish, artichoke, summer pea salad.

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Sarah Linklaterarbour
Who are we?

We are Callum & Sarah Linklater, second generation organic producers. Callum’s family have been farming organically since the late 90’s originally with sheep and beef and recently viticulture. In 2014 we purchased a small property in Renwick, Marlborough and set about planting a small Chardonnay vineyard.

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What's in a Name?

This is Callum and his sister Nadine on a balmy September day, 2007 Brixton. When wrap around sunnies were cool and we purchased our finest 99p mincey special + Tempranillo from Tescos. This is when Nadine came to visit and is about the time we learned that ‘that vineyard’ the parents had purchased was also called Windrush.

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Sarah Linklater